The goal of Pitt Arrival is to ensure your arrival on campus is as pleasant, seamless, and stress-free as possible! Follow the steps below and be sure to take advantage of Ship2Pitt to easily mail your belongings to campus!

Check Your University Email

Please keep an eye on your University of Pittsburgh email. You will be receiving emails in mid-July with all of your housing information and assigned move-in time. If you do not receive your notice of housing assignment and Arrival emails by July 27, please contact us.

The emails should include:

  • Housing Information
  • Directions
  • Printable Parking Pass
  • Assigned move-in date and time

Print Your Parking Pass

Please print the parking pass that was sent to your University of Pittsburgh email and fill it out before leaving home. Place the parking pass on your dashboard as you approach Oakland. The parking pass identifies you as an arriving student and helps Pitt Police direct you to the most convenient unloading area. The parking pass will allow you access to convenient unloading zone for one hour. After this hour we ask that all vehicles be moved to ensure that Arrival is safe and efficient for everyone.

Check Room Details

We encourage students to pack minimally for the fall semester at Pitt and only bring items that are needed. To help you pack efficiently, we put together a handy packing list. Make move-in even easier by taking advantage of our Ship2Pitt program and mailing your items before you come to campus!

While packing, note the size of your room as well as the furniture that is already provided. See details about each residence hall below.

Residential Hall
Apartment Style






Room Condition and Furnishing

Residence Hall and Apartment-Style Furnishings

No matter where you live on campus, Pitt will supply a fully furnished accommodation for you! The basics, such a bed, desk, stove (in some residences), etc., will be waiting for you! However, there are some items you will have to bring on your own, such as pillows, bed linens, towels, waste cans, etc.

Please see Housing Services for details regarding your building and a complete list of items you should bring and items you should leave at home.

Cable Television

Each bedroom or suite in every residence hall and each bedroom and/or living room in every apartment features a cable television hookup with all expanded basic channels. To receive all available channels, students must bring HD/ Digital-ready televisions that are 720p or any variety of 1080i. Digital televisions must be equipped with QAM tuners. Rooms in Nordenberg Hall and Bouquet J living rooms are equipped with televisions.

For more information, visit the Housing Amenities website.


Students in the residence halls may rent combination refrigerator/freezer and microwave units specially designed for residence hall use. For rental information or service, visit MicroFridge or call 1-800-525-7307.

Some of our residence hall rooms are furnished with refrigerators and/or microwaves. To see whether you need to bring your own, visit the Housing Services website for details.


Residential Handbook

Before you arrive on campus, you will receive a copy of the Residential Handbook via your University e-mail. The handbook is a comprehensive reference for University living and also helps you to understand the policies that govern on-campus housing. You can check out the Residential Handbook here


The University of Pittsburgh’s Ship2Pitt Program is partnering with UPS to elevate the student Move-In experience while enhancing social distancing efforts. Ship2Pitt provides on-campus students pre-paid UPS Ground shipping service. Each student will receive 5 pre-paid shipping labels, and deliveries will be conveniently routed through our warehouse for a security scan before they are sent directly to your residence hall room. Get your shipping labels today! 


Shipping Packages

If you intend to send packages from retailers (Amazon, Target, etc.) before move-in, Mailing Services will only accept packages three days prior to your assigned move-in date. There is also a specific format for mailing packages to University of Pittsburgh Residences. For more information, visit the Panther Post page, or contact University Mailing Services.