Amos, Brackenridge, Bruce, Holland & McCormick Halls (Schenley Quad)

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Get Directions to Schenley Quad

Arrival Survival Signs

As you approach Pittsburgh watch for the overhead highway message signs to guide you. There will also be numerous signs on campus with the Arrival Survival logo on them to direct you.

Arrival Survival Sign

Unloading Zones & Hours

The parking pass provided to you in your Notice of Housing Assignment email will allow you access to convenient unloading zones for one hour.
Your Unloading Zones:
Bigelow Boulevard, University Place.

Your Unloading Hours

You have been assigned a specific date and time to move-in, which is specified on your Arrival Survival parking pass. The parking pass can be found as an attachment to the Notice of Housing Assignment which was emailed to you in July. Please print the parking pass and display it prominently on your vehicle’s dashboard when you arrive on campus.

Cart Stations & Wristbands

At the cart station, you will be able to borrow a wheeled cart to help you unload your vehicle. Please have your University of Pittsburgh ID out when you get to the cart station.

Due to high demand, each family may sign out ONE cart. If you have a small handcart or dolly available to you, it is advisable to bring your own. Carts will be provided for a period of two hours free of charge, but as a courtesy to your fellow students, please return your cart immediately after unloading. After two hours a late fee of $20 will be charged to your student account. If you fail to return your cart, your student account will be charged $125 to replace it.

Also at the cart station, all friends and family assisting you will receive wristbands as a security measure. All members of the group must be present at the cart station, including the resident student, to receive a wristband in order to gain access to the residence halls.
Cart Station
Your Cart Station Locations: Bigelow Boulevard, University Place.

Welcome Station

Please proceed to welcome stations located at each residence hall for additional housing information.
residence - marker
Your Welcome Station LocationSchenley Quad.

Accessing Your Room


As a security measure, all helpers must wear a wristband in order to access residence halls. Wristbands are obtained at the cart station. The resident student must accompany their helpers to the cart station in order to obtain wristbands. Wristbands are valid from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Friday. All helpers must sign in at the security station after these hours.

Room PIN and Mailbox Information

Our residence halls and apartments are card-swipe accessible. Your Panther Card and a personal identification number (PIN) will serve as your door key. You will receive a follow-up email from Panther Central in August prior to your arrival with instructions to view your personal information and mailbox combination.

Towers Mail Center serves students living in Towers A, B, and C as well as Amos, Bruce, Brackenridge, Holland, and McCormick halls. If you have questions about student mail services, call 412-648-1156 or e-mail

Holland Hall Entrances

Holland Hall residents with room numbers 2–16 and 39–41 enter through the building’s south entrance. All other Holland Hall residents use the north entrance.

Long Term Parking

You have one hour to unload your vehicle, after which you must move it to a long-term parking location. The parking pass allows you to park free all day on the day of your move-in in long term parking locations. Please prominently display the parking pass on your vehicle’s dashboard.
parking - University of Pittsburgh
Your Long Term Parking Location: (Can be seen on map above, when zooming out)

Soldiers & Sailors Garage
4101 Fifth Ave. Pittsburgh, PA 15260

(Entrance is on Bigelow Blvd.)

Clearance Height: 6’6”, Fourth floor: 6’2”
Monday – Friday: 6am – Midnight
Saturday – Sunday: 8am - Midnight

Large vehicles can be difficult to accommodate. If your vehicle is over 6'2" in height you may have difficulty accessing some of our parking garages. Large vehicles can be accommodated at the following locations (can be seen on map above, when zooming out):